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Informing Africans in the Republic of Croatia on the possibility of exercising the rights and enabling the participation of its members and other Africans

Mission is to bring all African’s living in Republic of Croatia together, we have right to become a major minority if we come together, we will see to the better living of New and Old African’s living in Croatia, students,migrant, immigrant were all welcome. To promote our culture and to give light to the question that people wanted to know about African’s.

Company Overview
D.A.H will promote social cohesion among African groups and individuals in the Republic of Croatia in order to prevent feeling the effects of isolation , social exclusion and racism
– Suitable environment for the association , counseling and mutual support especially members who are unemployed
– Personal development and social engagement through activities that include appropriate knowledge and sk See More
Our planning work , in order to achieve these goals .
development of interpersonal communication Africans in the Republic of Croatia for friendship and achieve common goals and interests
organizing commemorative events and cultural events , lectures, courses , lectures , round tables , etc

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